Hatchery Department


Our Hatchery is licensed by the Directorate of Veterinary Services. The goal of the department is to convert every fertile egg to healthy day old chick. We have the capacity to produce 100,000 day old chicks per week.

Hatchery Activities Include;

  • Egg receiving where eggs brought to hatchery from farms are received and fumigated

  • Egg sorting is done on Wednesdays and Sundays where the dirty, cracked, blood stained, elongated, hair-lines ,small eggs , wrinkled, slab sided, thin shell eggs and round eggs are separated from good hatching eggs which are loaded to incubators .

  • Machine Monitoring when temperature and humidity are monitored on 24-hour basis

  • Chick processing done every Mondays and Thursdays which includes chick pull out from hatchers, quality checkup, vaccination against Mareks, packaging and dispatching them for deliveryTuesdays and Fridays .

Quality Control Measures

  • Hygiene maintenance in hatchers to ensure healthy chicks are produced (to attain this we take samples to laboratories for verification of chicks produced are free from any diseases causing organisms)
  • Calculations of water loss and chick yield to determine quality of chicks produced
  • Separating good chicks from the ones with deformities such as, weak chicks’ unhealed navels, crossed beaks and blind chicks.
  • Packaging of chicks according to their flock ages to ensure traceability and uniformity of growth rate

The Department comprises of; qualified and experienced Manager, Assistant Manager, Supervisor, Assistant Supervisor, Technicians, Secretary and well trained Hatchery Attendants.